BPO is a design thinking* centered brand design company. Our purpose is to make life beautiful
through design & creativity. 

Our nature of business may mean beautifying a brand look and feel, or a beautiful idea that just makes whole lots of sense in an artwork. However, we push ourselves beyond design, beyond idea to make life beautiful. 

Beauty isn't just about aesthetic. 
Beauty has meanings, Beauty has purpose;

It inspires, 
It motivates, 
It cultivates, 
It illuminates in the midst of ugliness.

Beauty transforms the way people perceive and live differently, to be better - for self, for society. 
It changes the world, one life at a time. 

That is why in BPO[BePartOf], we are in the business of making life beautiful. Bringing design thinking* value and strategy as the key driver to elevate your brand experience. 

Founded and led by Max Sim, an award-winning designer, design thinking coach and creative consultant who has been involved in more than 50 brands, and 20 over industries over the last decade. 

Get in touch with us today, making life beautiful is designed to have your brand in mind! 

*View The Explainer:Design Thinking from Harvard Business Review

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